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Have you Ever Wondered About the Mysteries of
Who We Are, Why We’re Here and How We Came to Be At This Momentous Point in History?  Why is mankind so violent?

Someone has, at last, pieced together some of life’s most seemingly unrelated anomalies. Like a systems analyst, author Mary Magdeline (using a pen name as the information is so groundbreaking) has raised a few uncertainties, sprinkled in some controversies for good measure, and neatly packaged them all into a phenomenal ebook about ancient aliens and the modern brain, that explains the who, what, where, when, why’s, and even a few wonders of human history, presenting it all for your consideration, enlightenment and greater perception.
My Dear Friend,

As your eyes scan this page, you and I, along with the rest of the planet, stand at a crossroad.

You see, for centuries the human race has been led to believe a cause and effect relationship of various significant historical events. These events have been documented, deeply pondered and interpreted, then taught to billions of hungry minds as perpetual truisms, never to be doubted, questioned or even reconsidered on any level. But without the subject of Ancient Astronauts and the Nephilim, human history is incomplete.

Until now.

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original sex bookIntroducing Original Sex:
What Really Happened in the Garden of Eden?
Take the Journey Back to Paradise. . .

Ancient Aliens

apple = evil


10,000-12,000 years ago there was Adam and Eve, a Garden of Eden, located smack dab in a place called Paradise (oddly enough in the Mesopotamia where there is the most violence and unrest in the world today). There was a certain apple tree, a snake, and various fig leaves strategically placed in anatomically correct locations so the story goes.

What actually happened there is not as certain as you’ve been led to believe. Remember the myth of the “original sin?” You know, that fruit eating debacle they taught you about in Sunday school and in that King James Bible in the bedstand drawer of every American hotel?

Well, this ‘original sin’ needs to be looked at a bit more closely; debated and re-analyzed. See, archeologists, sociologists and theologians have been digging up various ancient documents (like the Dead Sea Scrolls, Sumerian Texts, Book of Enoch and other apocrypha) and re-checking their math over the past 50 years or so, and have come to the conclusion that there is an alternate truth that no one is telling you about.

There was a significant historical event that much is true. Somehow the significance and rapid acceleration of humanity since that time has been missed and vastly glossed over. This event powerfully set mankind’s evolution into rapid motion. Things like human modernization (language, farming, the ability to build buildings), the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, 20th century inventions, space exploration and now the computer age. Think: How can one explain the last 10,000 years of human history as compared to the few millions of year’s nominal growth prior to that time?

This is the just the tip of the iceberg…

We’re just scratching the surface in what has been a warp speed development of our race that has also included some significant downsides. Our ignorance to this alternate truth could very well have a dramatically positive change in the way we view the world and our place in it forever — if we were only aware of it.

And so, the expulsion from a Paradise realm is now up for a spirited new debate within the confines and closed doors of monasteries and universities, but certainly not in the daily news.

I have a problem with this secrecy and you should too.

A few programs on the History channel about ancient astronauts and nephilim giants are justifiably raising eyebrows about what is actual true history and what is the grad hoax being played out on a global scale?

The public has a right to know this alternate truth, and in this powerful ebook, I will turn back the curtain and reveal it to you.

Ancient Astronauts

So why should all this be important to you? Simple. Because knowledge is power. If you have a more accurate knowledge of what really happened in history, or at least some educated alternate world views aside from what’s been force fed to us , you then will be armed with an entirely new level of consciousness. You’ll be enlightened much more than 99.9% of the rest of the population. And this new enlightenment can do wonders for you.

Of course, if you think it’s easier seeing through stained glass vs. a crystal clear window, then by all means do not go any further down this rabbit hole. Indeed, many people will read this, shake their heads and click over to something less obtrusive. They’ll head over to some drudge news story and wonder why our world is in such a mess, or they’ll click on a few medical websites and wonder why they have that nagging pain that won’t go away.

But for the people who decide to purchase this ebook and become wiser, a glorious awakening is in store for them.  We as a people are just beginning to tap into our fullest intellectual and heartfelt potential.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool that will help transcend that barrier in your conscious mind that can lead to truth beyond the headlines, the history books and the gossip columns?

If you answered Yes to that question, then you’re just about ready. Now let’s take a look at what Original Sex will give to you.

WARNING: This is not for the metaphysically squeamish.
This is your last chance to turn back.

OK if you’re ready, we’ll continue. The Original Sex Book will unlock the following mysteries:

Ancient AstronautsWe’ll uncover the real issues that history has glossed over and show you an alternate way of looking at significant events in our past and what role they play in our present.

Ancient AstronautsYou’ll discover what really happened in the Garden of Eden and you will be shown the way back to Paradise.

NephilimYou’ll learn the other answer to the age old question: What was the ‘original sin?’

Ancient AstronautsYou’ll receive a plethora of tips, techniques and advice on how to deal with and uncover our lost powers: powers of perception, self-analysis and world views.

Ancient AstronautsYou’ll be given the chance to enter into an entirely new story of creation, altering our perception of what is real, what is fake and what is the true conspiracy around the issues of Ancient Astronauts, the Nephilim and the Divine Feminine.

Ancient AstronautsYou’ll be exposed to the truth that the human race is not supposed to see. The reality that how we are living, the trance we are in and our refusal to wake up, is the root cause of some of the catastrophic events taking place in our present that, left unchecked, could result in the catastrophic version of an apocalypse.

Ancient AstronautsYou’ll learn about The Great Shift, a tool we can use to make the right decision at the fork in the road that is currently before us and be back in Paradise, your rightful heritage. But the wrong turn, the wrong use of this tool will be disastrous.

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To your enlightenment,

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  1. Do you have a actual book that I could buy. It says here that this is for a EBook. I would like to have the actual book.

  2. So, do you have an actual book yet? I so much want to read it. Just not an Ebook.

  3. Am eager for your book. Genesis has already been interpreted by Sitchin, Raelians, Theosophists and others, which I’ve already read so am vey curious to know what else is new/ different?

  4. Hello I’m wondering if this site is still active and if your book still available?



  5. Mary I have noticed the number 33 apears a lot on your pages. Have you any idea why this number tends to stalk (certain) people?

  6. I wondered was the $33 intentional?

  7. Definatly not an expert. Just aware.

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